Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our Government [Tanzania] support logging for economic reason.But The do not recognize that as long they clear the forest as more poverty will increase.The benefit of our forest are ,rainfall,animal habitant,rain will help to flood our rivers and will be easier to get electric power[hydroelectric plant] and boost our economy,insect will help us in the way we do not understand,food security will collapse,many people will die,National security will shrink,such as Somalia,ethiopia etc.In somalia .peoople are fighting for resource[fertile soil,water,woods].we are going to create "Environmental refugees".Sustanable economy here is stopping Logging,reduce population.Let people minimize using woods and trying to find other altenative like biogas and others.


  1. Happy Blog Action Day (BAD) 2009!

    Ludigo: since we both have climate change in our blog names, I found yours near mine in the listing at BAD09. I was in Tanzania last March. What a beautiful country--the people, the geography, the animals. I feel the urgency in your post and I'm with you, on the other side of the earth, pushing for the same things. Today gives me hope.

    - Pamela (http://74days.GOsustainably.com)

  2. Thanks Pamela for your encouragement.I,m also admire you for you support so as to heal this planet.Let us protect our only home we have.