Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Climate change and global warming form Hurricane and its disaster to the Economy.

Hurricane  formed  when warm humid air rises from the ocean.Convergent winds force the warm air into the atmosphere,where it releases latent heat as it condenses into clouds and rain.The exchange of heat from the surface creates a pattern of wind that spirals up around the eyes of the storm and hurricane grows,powered by ocean's heat and evaporating water.Hurricanes are assigned with different names depending upon the area where they have occurred.For example Hurricane storms are are called hurricanes, if  they start over caribbean sea,the northeast pacific ocean and north atlantic ocean,where as storm are called tropical cyclones ,if they occur in the Indian ocean or Australia.And in east africa the called cyclones always start at Reunion and Mauritius Islands[border of warm and cold water].In China they called   typhoons.A storm is classified as a hurricane when the speed  of wind reaches 74 mile [119 km]per hour.Hurricane storms usually starts over warm sea[ more greenhouse gases] near equator and are accompanied by fierce winds,flash,flood,mudslide and huge waves.Keep in mind that OCEAN act as "buffer" or absorber of carbon dioxide.The more we add it to the atmosphere  the more the ocean warm up.So as result more EXTREMES weather occur.Example of recent powerful hurricane are ,Hurricane katrina on August 29,2005 which struck the United states ,causing death of more than 1,800 people and property damage worth $81 billion. And  Hurricane sandy.And more Hurricanes are  expecting  to hit the world if we does not reduce global carbon dioxide concentration[CO2].Let us Plant more trees[carbon absobers] ,use clean energy like ,solar power ,wind and other green energy power.
Ludigo Mhagama,
Pollution Control Agency [POCA]
The institute of Research and Environmental Quality 
P.O.BOX 13031,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It is ashamed to see our leaders are trying to destroy our only remaining paradise by building roaads and building hotels inside the national parks.Thanks for our forefathers for being wise than us.They left many things.But we are going to destroy our natural by amazing speed.Mungu ibariki Tanzania
Ludigo Mhagama
Pollution control agency 13031
Dar es salaam
Tanzania.east africa

Thursday, October 22, 2009


We always do environmental activities [like cleaning],by clearing grasses,collecting spastics,papers,rubber and burn doing that we tend to emit more greenhouse gases.As result triggering Global warming and Climate change.Let us change our habit,phase out plastics and replace by using paper bags.How many people are burning Takataka in Tanzania?.The ges we emit are Methane,CFC,s,Carbon dioxide and others.PLEASE LET US CHANGE NOW.
Ludigo Mhagama[pollution Control Agency and Ireq Environmental expert]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our Government [Tanzania] support logging for economic reason.But The do not recognize that as long they clear the forest as more poverty will increase.The benefit of our forest are ,rainfall,animal habitant,rain will help to flood our rivers and will be easier to get electric power[hydroelectric plant] and boost our economy,insect will help us in the way we do not understand,food security will collapse,many people will die,National security will shrink,such as Somalia,ethiopia etc.In somalia .peoople are fighting for resource[fertile soil,water,woods].we are going to create "Environmental refugees".Sustanable economy here is stopping Logging,reduce population.Let people minimize using woods and trying to find other altenative like biogas and others.